3-D Imaging In Houston, Texas 77095

3-D Imaging In Houston, Texas 77095

3D imaging is also known as beam CT scanning. It is so named because of the mechanics involved in the procedure. This process ensures accuracy because the beam is released at various angles, giving perfect images. At A+ Stars Smile in Houston, TX, 3-D imaging is not like regular x-rays; it makes both 2D or 3D scans of your soft tissues and hard bones as well.

The image is produced on the computer, observable from all directions, making it easy for the dentist to focus on even the minutest of issues arising within your oral cavity.

Best 3-D Imaging Procedure in Houston at A+ Stars Smile

3-D imaging in our dental office is performed with much care using state of the art technologies. It is a simple and painless procedure that requires no prior preparation. The cone beam scanner is fixed like an arm that moves around your head while you stand or are seated. You place your chin on a special area for the dentist to scan images; all of this takes no less than a minute.

Some dental x-rays require biting down the sensor, which is not the case with 3-D imaging. A disposable tab is placed on the mouth for alignment purposes only, that too for less than a minute.

The dental professionals must be experts and familiar with the machinery for accurate results. We assure you that every dentist working with us at our Texas office is well versed with 3-D imagining equipment and its procedure.

Aftermath of the Procedure

One of the admirable qualities of this process are ease and comfort. It is non-invasive and painless, so you will not feel anything during or after the scan, you can get on with the daily routine immediately. The results will come later on and discussed in another meeting.

Why Should You Get 3-D imaging From Us?

  • The dentist takes images in multiple takes from various angles while using the traditional x-ray method, which consumes time. On the other hand, in the case of cone-beam CT scanning, a full 3 dimensional picture appears after one go.
  • The resulting images are accurate and far better in clarity than regular x-rays.
  • Our dentists can easily observe your tooth from multiple angles for a better understanding of the dental issues.
  • Provides accurate results as compared to other imaging methods.
  • A painless, comfortable procedure.
  • Less time consuming option.
  • No radiation exposure, no side effects or complications involved.
  • It provides image of not only the bone structures butt does so of soft tissue structures too.

What Dental Issues Can A 3-D Image Detect?

  • Orthodontic problems.
  • TMD – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder’s diagnosis.
  • Examination of an impacted tooth.
  • Accurate dental implant placement.
  • In the case of tumor detection.
  • For tooth replacement or restoration surgeries.

How To Schedule For A 3-D Scan?

We offer beam CT scan for 3-D imaging in the Houston office via our panel of experts using latest technologies. In case you have any issue mentioned above or get a closer look at your oral cavity, schedule an appointment today with one of our dentists; call (713) 984-4934.