Dental Bridges FAQ

Dental Bridges
Missing a tooth messes up with more than just the look of your smile. Dental gaps misalign teeth and create bite issues. In such situations, the dental experts at A+ Stars Smile in Houston, TX offers dental bridges for restoring your smile.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

It is a tool that dentists use to fill spaces or gaps in your mouth in the places that originally should have teeth. Dental bridges protect the jaw and its alignment from damage. The bridge holds up each missing tooth area, a permanent solution to fill in the missing ones, giving you the perfect pearly shine look.

Types of Dental Bridges

Dentists in our Texas setup always give details about the treatment they decide is best for you. In the case of dental bridges, there are 5 types of bridges available; the choice made is according to the severity of your problem.

1. Traditional Bridges

This type is fairly common amongst patients who have their natural set of teeth around the missing tooth. These types are not removable and are fixed in the jaw. Traditional dental bridges are made up of porcelain, ceramics, or metal.

2. Implant Bridges

It is inserted via surgical process inside the jawbone and is often opted when you have many surrounding teeth missing.

3. Cantilever Dental Bridge

Cantilever dental bridges are applied when you have healthy teeth only on one side of the missing tooth. These are also fixed and cannot be removed.

4. Resin-bond Dental Bridge

Mostly, they are used for covering up the front tooth area of your mouth. A resin-bond dental bridge is made after fusing artificial teeth to metal, plastic, porcelain, or your natural teeth. These bridges are fixed and unmovable.

5. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are removable and used when you have two natural teeth remaining in either the upper or lower jaw. In this process, the crowns are placed on both sides of the missing tooth, and artificial ones are attached. The dentures fill in the teeth void and keep natural ones correctly in their place.

Dental Bridges In Houston, Texas 77095

Dental Gaps often displace teeth and increase tension on your enamel and cause discomfort during eating or talking. These bridges restore the issues recover your beautiful smile and support oral health. Our skilled team of dental professionals make high quality dental bridges with the best quality materials available for you.

As soon as it is established that you need a dental bridge, our team takes x-rays and teeth impressions for your dental bridge. We also provide temporary restoration until the final product is created.

The procedure will start off with you stretching out in the chair; then we will select the areas for applying local anesthetics where needed. Then, the bridge is either cemented or attached with the implants. Finally, the dentist fits it snuggly and adjust if required for a perfectly natural look.

Why Should You Get A Dental Bridge?

Patients usually consider this a cosmetic issue; however, the consequences are more than that. Each tooth of yours carefully balances the mouth, and even one missing can hamper your oral health. Gaps make your teeth shift from their original position creating a malocclusion problem.

At A+ Stars Smile, TX best dental bridges are made after carefully examining your oral health first, and the treatment plan is fully customized according to your requirements.

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