Fluoride Treatment In Houston, Texas

Fluoride Treatment In Houston, Texas 77095
Fluoride is undoubtedly the most effective treatment available for remineralization of the enamel and preventing tooth decay. Luckily, this mineral is naturally occurring in most foods, water supplies and is even added to your toothpaste. Even so, you might not get enough amounts required. Therefore, it is good to set an appointment with a dental professional. At A+ Stars Smile Houston, TX we offer fluoride treatment at affordable prices.

Why Is Fluoride Treatment Important?

Fluoride has the power to strengthen your teeth’ enamel and help protect it against cavities. It is an essential element for your enamel. Fluoride makes your teeth resistant against acids, sugars, and bacteria that cause decay. Your enamel loses its minerals, and fluoride is required for the remineralization process.

Our dentists advise getting a regular fluoride boost as a preventive measure after every dental procedure. With that, if you do not visit the dentist often, make sure to get your fluoride treatment every 6 months at least.

Best Fluoride Treatment In Houston, Texas 77095

Our dentists use high concentrations of fluoride for the strength and protection of teeth. Our dental experts make sure to take you through every way possible of giving this treatment for maximum comfort. It is a painless process and does not require much of your time, merely a few minutes task.

Our experts may apply it using a specialized brush or use a tray and place it on your teeth for some time. Moreover, its application is also possible in the form of a gel or foam as well. There are absolutely no high tech tools involved; it is a simple and trouble free process and very helpful in preventing damage.

The dentists in our office make sure to provide ample information regarding the importance of this process with in house methods of treatment too. Since your enamel is constantly losing integrity because of external factors, we prescribe aftercare mouthwashes and toothpaste for home use and supplements if necessary.

However, we advise you to go for in-office treatment because excess amount of fluoride is dangerous and causes a condition known as fluorosis. It is a hazardous condition that can cause serious damages.

Who Should Get Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment is essential for everybody because anyone can have dental caries. However, some people are more susceptible to tooth decay. Children or adults who have improper diet, containing high amounts of sugar and acids. If you frequently snack and do not brush and floss often, you are at greater risk of developing dental caries.

Moreover, lack of saliva production also impacts your teeth. One of the functions of this liquid in your mouth is to wash away food debris and bacteria, and less amount means inadequate flushing. The bacteria which stays on the tooth reacts with food and sugars forming cavities.

In case your fillings are getting weak or falling off, fluoride remineralization for regaining strength is one of the few things to get done.

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