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Smile transformations at A+ Stars Smile happen every day; along with that, we are also driven towards protection treatments for you. One such option is a mouthguard. You wear it for shielding the teeth from an impact, wear and tear during sports events, in few medical conditions or protection after dental treatments like bonding, crown placement, etc. It is typically set on the upper teeth to safeguard the entire oral cavity. We offer custom mouthguards in Houston according to your requirements.
Get a mouthguard for protection from us before you or your child is involved in any athletic activity; it is an investment that pays off in the longer run

Types of Mouthguards

There are three categories:
  • Stock or readymade – a cheap option that seems the best but is not. They are readymade and do not fit on the teeth, making talking or breathing difficult. They save time but at the cost of your comfort.
  • Boil and bite provide a better fit because minimal customization is possible. These mouthguards are thermoplastic in nature and are kept in hot water first for softening to take the shape of the teeth after placement.
  • Custom-made mouthguards are the best kind, made especially according to your requirements in a dental lab.

Best dental Mouthguards in Houston TX

Custom mouthguard in our clinic is made so that it fits comfortably on the teeth. Our dental professionals have in-depth knowledge about the science behind perfecting the design of this mouth gear using high-grade raw materials.

We are equipped with the latest technologies that accurately use the measurements for creating snap-fit protective gear. The dental team also accepts personalization such as color change on request.

Have the surety of getting your specialized mouthguard at a good price from our Houston clinic for apt protection from injuries, unlike readymade brands that offer very little in comparison.

Candidates for a Mouthguard

Involvement in sporty activities make you a perfect candidate. However, there are other conditions in which a mouthguard is suitable for you:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Involuntary teeth-grinding or bruxism
  • Loose cavity filling
  • Worn out enamel
  • Gum recession
  • Bite issues
  • TMJ disorder
  • Stress clenching

In case of any issue mentioned above, our team will devise your mouthguard and provide a follow-up treatment as well for getting rid of the root cause or symptom management.

Advantage of a Custom-fit Mouth protector

We choose custom-fit mouthguard on the basis of these pros:

1. Perfect fit

Our emphasis on a perfect fit is never ending. Dentists in the office calculate thickness according to the severity of the applied pressure on your teeth. Appropriate positioning reduces jaw pain preventing long-term grinding.

2. Additional Protection

Custom-fit guards by our dental experts in Texas give better safety than over the counter premade ones.

3. Comfort

Our motto is providing an affordable and comfortable safety guard for you. Additional comfort guarantees results. Thin gears wear off over time and become useless, so invest in a proper protection tool instead of buying repeatedly.

Protect Your Smile

Get rid of all the worries by giving your child or yourself this protective tool for teeth damage either during an accident, excess grinding issues at night or other dental problems.

Set an appointment with us and share your queries to clear any confusion. We offer the best treatment options and mouthguard in all of Houston. Contact us today at 713 984 4934 for an appointment.