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Waking up with headaches and teeth or jaw pain is sickening. You don’t have to keep up with this pain. Instead, visit A+ Stars Smiles in TX for an examination and treatment. Headaches and oral pain are caused because of multiple medical reasons and there is one solution for all: a night guard. We can provide you with the best night guard in Houston TX. It will help with your sleeping and oral health issues alike.

Our dentists’ main goal is providing the best treatment options for our patients using the latest dental technologies. We assure a safe and targeted plan for your issues.

What Are Night Guards?

These are plastic pieces that are made for fitting securely around your teeth. Night Guards are usually made of clear plastic material and small enough to fit in your hand easily. Our clear mouth protecting piece is popular amongst patients since it seems natural. Visit our dental office in 770955 to have a look at this product.

Reasons Why You Need a Night Guard

Your mornings starting painfully with a headache or jaw pain indicate an underlying issue that needs attention. The main reason why this is happening is because of a condition known as bruxism.

It is a disorder that makes you clench teeth or exert pressure on them unconsciously during sleep. So, we offer dental night guards for protection and relief from added pressure.

Other than that, there are a few common issues that may lead you to get a dental guard, which are:

  • Loose cavity filling
  • Worn out enamel
  • Gum recession
  • Bite issues
  • TMJ disorder
  • Stress clenching
  • Sensitive teeth

Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists in TX office for a detailed examination of your root cause for an effective treatment plan and symptom relief.

Some might say that investing in night guards is not needed. However, we assure you no more painful mornings with this dental gear, definitely something worth investing.

Dental Night Guards in Houston TX

The dental night guards which we offer guarantee comfort. They are customized mouth protectors made according to your measurements, making them fit snuggly on the teeth. We ensure the usage of durable materials that relieve pressure while helping you sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Life-span of a Night Guard

Our dentists use excellent grade materials and modernized technologies to make the best product for you. The only thing needed is attention and proper maintenance. If you take care of the night guard from A+ Stars Smile, it will last for years.

Going for a premade dental guard might seem a good option, but it is not. Those dental guards are not durable and are made from cheap material, which tends to stop performing within a few months because of constant wear and tear.

The night guard made in our Houston office is not cheap but an investment worth putting your money. We provide accurately measured gear with a cover, saving it from damage when not in use, making storage easy.

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There is no need to be scared if you have been diagnosed with bruxism or any other dental issue; our experts will take care of it. It is made sure at our dental setup in Houston TX to cater every aspect of our patients. Get the best night guards and a follow-up treatment plan for complete relief.