Orthodontics In Houston, Texas 77095

Orthodontics Houston, Tx 77095
Orthodontic treatment fixes alignment issues with teeth and jaws. Not everyone has correctly positioned teeth, and this can hurt your smile and confidence. Our orthodontic specialists in Houston, TX, can carry out a detailed examination of your issue and provide treatment tailored to your specific needs. Book your appointment today with A+StarSmile Dental.

Most people misunderstand that misaligned teeth or jaw are a cosmetic issue. Improper bite and crooked teeth can cause several oral issues like pain in the jaw, shoulder, neck, head. They also make the teeth more prone to cavities since it’s difficult to keep them clean. Orthodontic treatment from your Houston dentists is a great investment for your oral and overall health. We promise you a healthier and prettier smile.

Orthodontic treatment can correct the following issues.

Your dentist may recommend you orthodontic treatment to fix
  • Gapped teeth: fewer teeth that don’t fill the mouth
  • Crowded teeth: too many teeth trying to fit in a small space
  • Overbite: upper teeth protrude over the lower set of teeth when biting
  • Underbite: lower teeth protrude more than top teeth when biting
  • Open bite: gap between teeth surfaces when biting
  • Crossbite: upper teeth fitting inside of lower teeth
  • Midline bite issue

What types of orthodontic treatment are available?

When you visit our office for an initial consultation with your orthodontic specialist, we will discuss the type of orthodontic treatment that will best suit your needs.

Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

Braces are the commonest fixed orthodontic treatment. Braces are attached to the teeth and adjusted to solve your particular issue. Most of our patients are scared of braces thinking about the metals that ruin their smile. But thanks to the advancements in the field of dentistry, braces nowadays are closer to natural mouth appearance. They are available in several colors and clear styles giving you the freedom to smile with confidence.

Space Maintainers
At our Houston clinic, treatments are also available for thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. We also offer pediatric orthodontics that includes the use of fixed space maintainers. It helps maintain open space and stops the neighboring teeth from changing their position while an adult tooth is under eruption.

Removable Orthodontic Appliances

If you are afraid of having to wear orthodontic appliances all the time, removable appliances are a great alternative for you. Instead of metallic braces, you can choose aligners that are almost invisible. Aligners make your life easier. You can remove them before eating, so nothing is getting stuck between your teeth. Similarly, you can conveniently brush and floss your teeth with your aligner removed. To get your custom-fitted aligner, contact our Houston orthodontic office today.

A retainer is follow-up treatment for patients who have undergone braces treatment. It is worn on the mouth’s roof, and it “retains” the new position of teeth by stopping them from shifting back to their old position.

Other removable orthodontic appliances:

  • Lip bumpers
  • Space maintainers (removable)
  • Mandibular repositioning device (MRD)
  • Headgear

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