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A root canal procedure help treat an infected tooth and save the trouble of extraction. Dr. Olabisi Alabi is your local Houston root canal specialist who has performed thousands of endodontic procedures up till now. Her expertise includes keeping her patients comfortable and restful throughout the treatment. Root canal procedures are carried out on millions of people each year that alleviates the need to remove infected teeth. If you live in Houston, TX, or nearby areas and have a tooth infection that may need a root canal, call our office today at (713) 984-4934.

What Exactly Is A Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal procedure, also known as endodontic treatment, is performed to eliminate infection-causing bacteria from your tooth’s root.
The endodontist will remove the contaminated pulp inside the tooth during the procedure. The next step involves cleaning, filling, and sealing the inside of the roots.

The treatment makes sure the infection doesn’t start again and saves your natural tooth from extraction.

How Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal?

Poor oral hygiene, trauma, and genetics play an important role in deciding if you need a root canal. Most of the time, patients experience excessive teeth sensitivity resulting in pain and discomfort.

If you have throbbing tooth pain along with inflammation in the gums, visit A+StarSmile Dental in Houston for examination.

Other symptoms that make you a candidate for root canal treatment:

  • Chipped tooth
  • Swollen gums
  • Highly sensitive teeth
  • Change in the color of gums or teeth
  • Bump on the gums

What Are The Advantages of Root Canal?

  • The most prominent benefit of a root canal procedure is that it saves your natural tooth from extraction. Before this therapy, the only way to treat a tooth infection or inflammation of dental pulp was tooth removal. Now you can keep your tooth after treatment. Keeping a natural tooth intact promises a healthy smile and is also beneficial for your facial structure.
  • With a root canal, you have the opportunity to eat your favorite foods and drinks once again. When the treatment is complete, and the filling and crown are in place, you can eat whatever you prefer. Biting, chewing, and brushing are the same with a treated tooth.
  • In terms of aesthetic advantage, the treated tooth appears similar to a natural one (if the crown’s shape is similar to surrounding teeth.)

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost In Houston, Texas?

The average price for a root canal procedure is usually between $500 – $1,400.

The average cost depends on your locality, the location of your dentist, the severity of your condition, position of the infected tooth (canine or molar). Below are the costs you should expect to pay for a root canal:

  • Incisors – $500-$800
  • Canines – $550-$850
  • Premolars – $700-$1000
  • Molars – $900-$1400

Treating molars is expensive than other teeth because more canals are present that need fillings. Moreover, the sensitivity of the treatment adds to the cost.

Can A Root Canal Fail?

Some patients may experience root canal failure and need to undergo the treatment again. In some cases, additional oral surgery may be performed to eliminate the infected tooth. When you visit your root canal specialist in Houston, TX, don’t let these worries consume you.

Is Root Canal Painful?

A root canal does not cause pain if the endodontists provide an adequate anesthesia dose. Severe tooth pain after a root canal procedure is another myth that keeps many patients from getting the treatment. However, this isn’t true.

It is normal to experience slight discomfort and inflammation after the therapy, but the pain will subside within a few days.

Are You Conscious During The Treatment?

Root canals are performed with local anesthesia, keeping the patient conscious during the treatment. You can safely drive yourself back afterward. But for patients with dental phobia, sedation dentistry is the best option. If you are too afraid of the dentist, please make sure a friend or family member assists you after the treatment is over.

What Can I Eat After A Root Canal?

For the first few days after the procedure, you’ll likely experience minor pain and inflammation. It is best to choose soft and easy-to-chew foods and avoid hard, crunchy items. Within a week, you can return to your regular diet.

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At A+StarSmile Dental, we aim to offer comfortable and up to the mark treatment to our patients. Oral infection can develop over time but can cause instant throbbing pain that can be difficult to handle. Call (713) 984-4934. immediately for a dental examination in Houston. Our experts will decide if you need a root canal or alternative treatment.