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Almost all children are born with a sweet tooth, and it is one of the few things they eat so dearly. Amongst sweets, chocolates and candies are prevalent. These tasty treats are heaven-like for them but a nightmare for their teeth. The tooth surfaces are not smooth, which is why they easily trap bacteria and food debris, leading to dental cavities. Sometimes, brushing their teeth is not enough. There are certain hard to reach places that is why getting a sealant is good for teeth protection—worried about your child’s teeth? Head to A+ Stars Smile for the best dental Sealants in Houston. They are protective barriers that safeguard teeth from damage.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are covers made out of plastic resins and coated on your child’s chewing surfaces for protection against toothaches as well as decay. Mostly, the according to the dentists, molars and pre molars are susceptible of developing decay. It is difficult for your children to reach them hence improperly cleaned. Therefore, most coatings are done on them.

Why To Get Your Child Dental Sealants?

  • No matter how vigilant you are, it is fairly difficult to stop your child from eating sweets. Therefore, make sure that they follow proper oral hygiene regime and along with that, have dental sealants coated on for added protection.
  • Dental sealants work well if your child has a gap between its milky teeth that needs to be held tightly.
  • If your child falls under the age group of 6 to 14, then they are in the prime bracket of developing dental decays, get affordable dental sealants in Texas.

While children benefit the most from this treatment, you can also get this treatment done if there are no pre-existing cavities.

How Are Dental Sealants Placed?

We understand that getting on a dentist’s chair can be a nerve-racking time for your child. But trust us, our dental professionals at the Houston office are experts in this regard. It is a comfortable procedure, and you will get over it in no time. Dental sealants are applied on teeth that do not have open nerve endings or any cavity, making it a painless process. There is no need of getting anesthesia shots.

Applying a dental sealant is a matter of a few minutes at most. Here’s what they are going to do:

  • Our dentists perform an initial examination to find the existence of any decay; if found, it is removed. After that, the tooth is cleaned and dried.
  • A solution is then applied on the tooth surface, which roughens the outer layer – enamel so that the sealing material applied can bind easily.
  • After roughening, the tooth is cleaned via rinsing and then dried up.
  • Next, the sealant is applied and left to harden, which takes not more than 60 seconds. The dentist may also use a specialized light for speeding up the hardening process.

Initial Examination

Our dentists will set up an appointment to quickly scan the teeth using a dental probe or x-rays. Any pre-existing cavities is first taken care of and then sealed up.

Schedule An Appointment

Dental sealing is one of the best preventive techniques you can opt for your child. It is a quick and painless process that will take off some burden from your shoulders. You can let go of all the worrying after getting dental sealants from us at A+ Stars Smile in Houston, TX. Visit our office or call (713) 984-4934. for more information.