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We at A+ Star Smiles know that a lot of patients become anxious when they visit the dentist. This is because of previous experiences or fear of needles, among other things. However, we can help you overcome your fears and get the dental care you need. This is why we offer sedation dentistry to ensure you are comfortable during all dental treatments.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to the use of medication to relax patients while they undergo dental procedures. It is suitable for those with a sensitive gag reflex, extreme dental anxiety, fear of injections, or those undergoing extensive dental work. In this situation, patients feel deeply relaxed but remain conscious enough to understand verbal instructions given by the dentist.

Types of Sedation

A+ Star Smiles offers different types of sedation depending on each patient’s individual needs:

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas as it is commonly called is a mild sedative delivered through a mask placed over your nose. This drug induces relaxation and euphoria in patients’ bodies thereby making them feel at ease during any procedure carried out on them by dentists. One advantage with nitrous oxide gas is that it takes its effect off very fast after the treatment hence one can drive themselves back home safely.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation requires taking prescribed drugs usually in form of pills before visiting the dentist. These drugs are stronger than laughing gas therefore; recommended for people who have moderate anxiousness towards dentals services. Patients often feel sleepy during their operation and must be accompanied by responsible adults from home to hospital.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation

Intravenous sedations entail injecting medicine straight into veins allowing for precise control over the level of sedation. Doctors employ this technique on complex cases requiring longer periods under surgery or if the patient have severe phobia of dental procedures. IV sedation induces a state of deep relaxation, and patients may have little to no memory of the procedure afterward.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Reduced Anxiety

Patients are less anxious when they visit dentists after being subjected to sedation.

Increased Comfort

This improves the comfort levels felt during such procedures as pain and discomforts are minimized.

Time Efficiency

Dental professionals can conduct many treatments in one go thus reducing the need for numerous appointments through this approach.

Improved Oral Health

Dental phobia affects people’s decisions to attend regular dental checkups which helps in detecting oral problems early enough.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

If you have dental anxiety or have a hard time with dental procedures, sedation dentistry could be the answer you have been looking for. Your medical history will be assessed and discussed, your concerns talked about and most suitable sedation option advised during the initial consultation at A+ Star Smiles by our experienced team of dentists.

Your Comfort Comes First

Our primary objective at A+ Star Smiles is to make sure that every patient has a comfortable and stress-free dental visit. Our range of sedation dentistry options guarantee peace of mind while in our able hands. Book an appointment now and don’t let fear or any anxiety stop you from having optimal oral health – feel the difference that comes with being treated under sedation today!

Feel the Difference At A+ Star Smiles

When selecting where to go for your dental care requirements, choose A+ Star Smiles because this is a practice which prides itself on making sure that you are comfortable first and foremost. We understand and empathize with the difficulties faced by everyone who comes to us; as such we treat them on individual basis in order to provide them with high quality services within a warm environment. We do not rest until each patient gets top-notch treatment right from simple cleanings to complex dental surgery.

Apart from our range of sedation dentistry services, there are other different forms of treatment provided by us in order to help you achieve good oral health. It doesn’t matter if it’s just time for a check-up, or maybe some cosmetic dentistry or even toothache problems, our skilled team is here to help.

Why Fear and Anxiety Should Not Hold You Back

Call A+ Star Smiles now and book your appointment so that you can find out more about compassionate cares as well as the benefits related to undergoing through this process while getting dental attention. We can’t wait to see you in our office and assist you in getting the smile of your dreams!