Smile Makeover In Houston, Texas 77095

Smile Makeover In Houston, Texas 77095
A+ Stars Smile, located in Houston, TX, offers services for a complete smile makeover because we believe that everyone deserves a perfect bright smile that grabs the entire room’s attention. A dented smile because of chipped or discolored teeth can really hamper your self-confidence. We promise to provide effective smile makeover in all Houston, customized for catering to your needs.

It is now time to get your confidence back with a dental makeover by our professionals, including several treatments for restoring your pearly whites. Our dedicated team leaves no stone unturned to give what you want, which is why we are amongst the most trusted clinics for dental treatments.

We are equipped with modern technologies that guarantee quality treatments and results that will satisfy you. Our setup does not charge a fortune for your treatments; our smile makeover is the best in Texas; give us a call at 713 984 4934 for more information regarding procedures we offer and their costs.

Smile Makeover In Houston TX 77095

Every dental makeover is a unique set of treatments combining cosmetic and restorative oral procedures such as teeth whitening, crown placement, tooth fillings, dental veneers, implants, bridges, etc.

You need a smile transformation in the following conditions:

  • Bruxism or heavy teeth grinding or clenching issue.
  • Stained, chipped, or broken tooth.
  • Crowded teeth, spacing issues, and aversion to traditional braces treatment.
Our dentists are well versed with every oral query and will devise a detailed personalized treatment plan for you.

Teeth Whitening
The teeth change their color as you grow old and often turn pale. This is because of pigmentation from the food or beverage you consume. Everything you do which involves your mouth impacts the teeth present inside them.

Ideally, for teeth whitening, you should come for in-office smile makeover treatment if you live in Texas. It is a painless procedure that can make your teeth up to 8 shades brighter in just one sitting.

However, we understand that taking out time is difficult with current busy schedules. That is why we also provide in-house bleaching treatment, totally safe for use at home. Reach out for more information on this process; our experts are here for your help.

Dental Crown Placement
This restoration technique is perfect for your chipped or broken teeth. A dental crown is an outer layer placed on your tooth enamel made from materials like porcelain or ceramic. We ensure using high-grade raw materials for all our patients, ensuring that the results look perfectly natural.

Dental Veneers
Your teeth may have stubborn stains, which might not go away with regular teeth whitening procedures. In such scenarios, our experts opt for veneers. They are thin shell like coverings for your tooth.

Veneers change the way your teeth look without much treatment on them. It does not matter what kind of imperfection you have, chipped, long in size, or have discolored tooth; dental veneers will solve it all.

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