Teeth Whitening Houston, TX

Teeth Whitening Houston, Tx, 77095

Teeth whitening is a promise to a healthier and brighter smile. We can transform your teeth that you’ll love for years to come with our extensive whitening procedures. Visit our Houston office today and get your professional teeth whitening treatment from us.

With A+StarSmile Dental changing your smile is quick and easy. Our cosmetic dentistry experts have several ways of transforming your smile. The most common and easiest procedure is teeth bleaching. Whether it’s your birthday party or date you have been waiting for for weeks, we can bleach your teeth within no time in a single sitting. Call (713) 984-4934 to book your teeth whitening appointment at our Houston, TX dental office.

As you age, it’s normal for teeth to stain and become yellowish. Age itself and the foods and drinks you consume also impact the condition of your pearly whites. Drinks such as wine, tea, or coffee can cause teeth staining. Smoking and eating colored and acidic foods can also damage your teeth. After eating and drinking, brushing your teeth to prevent staining is advised, but it isn’t usually enough to eliminate the risk.

But your yellow teeth shouldn’t shy you away from smiling. With regular whitening, you can carry those bright teeth anywhere and smile confidently.

Types of Whitening

Several teeth bleaching options are available for a brighter smile. What most people opt for is whitening toothpaste. This may brighten the teeth slightly, but there is no surety that your teeth will actually become white. Toothpaste can be considered part of whitening treatment but isn’t an alternative to a professional procedure. If you live in Houston, TX, or nearby areas, contact our clinic today and get your teeth brightened by experts.

Many individuals opt for over-the-counter options such as whitening strips or trays. Again these treatments may provide you temporary whitening satisfaction but cannot promise favorable results in the long run. These solutions are made to fit the general needs of teeth, meaning they cannot cater to your specific requirements. So we prefer you to choose in-office treatment over these alternatives.

We recommend booking an appointment with A+StarSmile Dental in Texas for our Houston fellas. Our whitening solutions can revamp the brightness of your teeth, giving you a smile that everyone will want to wear. The high-quality materials and expertise used during the procedure bring out marvelous results. Contact our office today for more information.

How much does it cost to get your teeth really white?

The cost of teeth whitening can vary, depending on the procedures involved and the condition of the teeth. OTC whitening solutions can be around $20, and the cost can be as high as $1000 as with in-office treatment. For professional teeth whitening, the price can be $300 to $800.

How It Works

The dentist will cover your teeth with a whitening solution that allows hydrogen peroxide to infiltrate through the enamel. The oxidation process begins that manipulates the molecules to reflect little to no light, making them look colorless, and the teeth appear whiter. The procedure effectively gets rid of the stains and can be carried out multiple times.

In some cases, the stains are too stubborn to be removed with teeth bleaching. Alternative treatment can work for this situation. If you reside in Houston, getting dental veneers from us is the best option to hide dark stains. This substitute is preferred for patients who smoke due to the stain-resistant properties of veneers. Moreover, they don’t turn yellow as quickly as natural teeth. But always go with teeth whitening before opting for a cosmetic treatment.

Professional Whitening Procedure Near You

We recommend patients choose teeth whitening before having any other oral treatment. Most materials used during cosmetic procedures or restorative purposes resist stains. When a dental bridge, crown, or lumineer is designed in the lab, they are made to resemble the color of surrounding teeth. If they are yellowish, the restorations will appear stained. And if the teeth are sparkling white, the same will be the restorations. This makes the order of whitening treatments vital. If you live near the 77095 area and need restorative dentistry, book your teeth whitening procedure before anything else.

The procedure is non-invasive and easy to complete. We recommend scheduling an oral exam with our Houston office. Dr. Olabisi Alabi will check your teeth to see if they are ready for whitening. If any cavities or infections are present, they will be treated beforehand. For more information, contact our clinic near you today.