7 Common Root Canal Myths (and Why They’re Wrong)

There are many root canal myths, and they sometimes prevent patients from getting proper dental care by causing anxiety about the procedure. Let’s address some of these myths so you can rest easier that the root canal you need is just a standard, routine procedure to help save your natural tooth.

#1: They Are Painful

Root canals used to get a bad rap for being a bit more uncomfortable for patients than some other dental procedures; however, now, with new and innovative methods, root canals are much more common and much more comfortable for the patient.

#2: A Root Canal Can Cause Illness

This is one of the root canal myths that has been around for a long time. The myth is based on a study conducted over a hundred years ago through research that was less than accurate. Current research shows that root canals are safe and can actually prevent illness.

#3: Pregnant Women Can’t Get One

The x-ray required for a root canal is small and focused on the tooth needing repair. This poses minimal risk, if any, to the mother and unborn baby. Most pregnant women are candidates for a root canal is needed unless there are other underlying health conditions.

#4: The Tooth Will Still Fall Out

Most teeth that have been treated with a root canal will last the rest of your life. Of course, this also depends on proper dental hygiene habits and routine checkups.

#5: You Don’t Need One if You Don’t Have a Toothache

Experiencing pain is a sign that something is wrong, and you need to come in right away for an exam; however, one of the most common root canal myths is that if you don’t feel any pain, then there’s nothing wrong. You should keep your routine care appointments so your dentist can spot any trouble before you even feel the pain.

#6: It’s Better to Have the Tooth Pulled

Keeping your natural teeth is always the better option if it is available. With a root canal, your tooth will look and act just as it did before the procedure. It also requires less follow-up care. With an implant, bridge, or dentures, you may find that you need additional dental work.

#7: The Dentist Will Remove the Root of the Tooth

Another of the root canal myths is that the roots of the tooth are removed. Instead, it’s the pulp inside the roots that is removed and then filled much like a cavity is filled. The roots of the tooth remain intact.

These root canal myths have now been proven wrong. This is a standard procedure and one that can help prevent further decay and tooth pain. If you are experiencing tooth pain or it’s time for your regular exam, call A+ Star Smile Dental at (713) 984-4934 to schedule your next appointment.