Cosmetic Dentist in Houston

If you could just snap your fingers and make your problem teeth look better, you would certainly do it. Well, veneers may not be quite that quick and easy, but they represent a simple and effective process that gives you a greatly improved smile in as few as three visits. At A+ Star Smile Dental, we are pleased to offer this outstanding cosmetic treatment.

Veneers don’t “fix” your teeth, per se. They cover them up; not all of them, of course, but only the ones that have chips, are crooked or misshapen, discolored, have large gaps between them, or other issues that cause you to feel less than satisfied with the way your smile looks. The process works as follows: a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Houston allows you to make sure you want to get veneers, and that you are a good candidate to have them. If you decide to move forward, impressions will be taken of your teeth, so that they can be given to the dental lab. There, your new veneers are made to precise standards and then sent to our office. You’ll then come back and see our cosmetic dentist in Houston at which time a fitting will take place. It’s not uncommon for some adjustments to be needed for you to feel 100% sure that you like how they look and feel. Since veneers are long term (typically lasting 10 to 15 years), this is an important step to take. Bonding them to your teeth requires that some room be made. A thin layer of tooth material is filed off.

So natural do veneers look, that you may even forget which teeth are which, and you’ll be eager to show everyone your new smile. Book an appointment with us now to see our cosmetic dentist in Houston.

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