Dental Bridge

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At A+ Star Smiles, we know the effects that missing teeth can have upon your confidence and oral health. This is why we offer dental bridges as a means of restoring your smile to normalcy. Regardless of whether you have lost one tooth or more than one, a dental bridge may assist in bringing back the natural functionality and beauty of your teeth.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is an artificial device used to fill gaps left by missing teeth or tooth. It is made up of either two or more crowns for the side teeth or even false tooth/teeth between abutment teeth. Sometimes, gold, alloys, and porcelain are among materials which pontics can be made from thus merging with other real teeth in a manner that appears natural.

Types of Dental Bridges

Different types of dental bridges are available depending on preference and requirement:

  • Traditional Dental Bridge – This is the most popular type of dental bridge consisting one or several pontics fixed by dental crowns. These crowns are cemented onto abutment teeth for strong support.
  • Cantilever Dental Bridge – This type is used when there is only one abutment tooth next to the gap. It is less common and typically used in areas that experience less stress, such as the front teeth.
  • Maryland Bonded Bridge – Maryland bridge also known as resin-bonded bridge is a kind of bridge that involves a metal frame work bonded to the backsides of neighboring teeth using resin. When compared to others it is less intrusive since only minimal reduction on the surrounding dentition are required.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – If you prefer something permanent, implant-supported bridges use implants instead of normal supports such as healthy natural teeth. It offers great strength and endurance especially when many contiguous incisors are missing.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

There are several benefits that come with getting a dental bridge such as:

  • Restoration of Functions – Chewing properly and speaking well will become possible again with the help of bridges hence improving your quality life in general.
  • Aesthetic Improvement – Bridges look like natural enamel; hence they improve esthetics when placed in your mouth.
  • Preventing Teeth Shifting – By filling empty spaces caused by absent teeth, remaining teeth will remain stationary hence no secondary dental problems will occur.
  • Maintaining Facial Structure – By supporting the surrounding teeth, bridges help maintain the natural shape of your face.

Dental Bridge Procedure

Normally, getting a dental bridge involves multiple visits to our office and it goes through the following steps:

  • First Visit – On your initial visit, the dentist examines your oral hygiene level, discusses various treatments and takes impressions. This is important in ensuring that the bridge fits well.
  • Tooth Preparation – The abutment teeth are reshaped by removing enamel to allow for fitting of crowns. Impressions are taken once more so as to have an ideally fitting custom made bridge.
  • Temporary Bridge – While constructing the definitive one, a temporary bridge is inserted to protect any exposed teeth or gums.
  • Permanent Bridge Placement – Once ready, our doctor carefully fits and adjusts it before cementing it into place. The doctor will make sure that it fits well and looks natural to you.
  • Follow-Up – After fixing any issues with its fitting or design, a follow up may be scheduled during which adjustments can be made. You may also come for a follow-up if you have any questions related to its maintenance.

Caring for Your Dental Bridge

Proper care of a dental bridge ensures its longevity. For this reason, here are tips on how you can maintain it:

  • Good Oral Hygiene  – Brush your teeth twice every day and use dental floss daily to keep plaque from forming around the bridge.
  • Regular Dental Checkups – Regularly visit A+ Star Smiles for professional cleanings and check-ups to keep the restorative materials healthy as well as maintain good oral hygiene with regular professional cleanings.
  • Healthy Diet – Have a balanced diet that aids in overall oral health and avoid taking sticky or hard foods that could injure the bridges.

Why Choose A+ Star Smiles for Your Dental Bridge?

We at A+ Star Smiles are dedicated towards delivering quality dental care tailored just right for you. Our highly skilled team applies advances in technology and techniques to enable patients get comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing dental bridges. We create an atmosphere where patients feel valued throughout their treatment.

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