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Slowing or even stopping the progression of tooth decay and gum disease requires the effective management of dental plaque. At A+ Star Smile Dental, we are committed to helping you to do just that, both at home and with visits to our Houston dentist office twice per year for examinations and cleanings.

Dental plaque is a film-like bacterial substance that forms on and between your teeth, as well as between your teeth and gums. Its acids erode tooth enamel, eventually forming cavities. It also irritates gums and makes them red, which are the two key signs of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. When you eat nutritiously and limit your consumption of sugars, including starchy items, you’ll reduce the effects of dental plaque because there will be less to contend with. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice per day: upon waking, and then before bed. Even better is to also brush after meals. Our Houston dentist office recommends flossing once per day, ideally when you’re ready to go to sleep. Any dental plaque that manages to evade the reach of your oral hygiene at home will ultimately harden, becoming tartar. To remove tartar buildup, you must come to our Houston dentist office on a six-month schedule to get a teeth cleaning, which also reverses the signs of gingivitis. Without a cleaning, gum disease would progress, leading to symptoms such as persistent bad breath, bleeding while brushing, receding gums, and even worse. You’ll also get a checkup and x-rays to promptly detect and treat any existing cavities.

Everyone wants to have intact, cavity-free teeth; and gums that are strong, pink, and vibrant. Put the odds in your favor with an exam and cleaning. Simply contact our office right now and let us book an appointment for you.