Is Invisalign Teen Right For Your Child?

We all know that the teenage years can be awkward. However, teens with dental issues struggle in unique ways. Gapped or crooked teeth can make your child afraid to speak to others. They can even make them afraid to smile. Invisalign makes unique clear aligners just for teens. Read on to learn if this treatment is the right confidence-booster for your child.

What is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is a clear aligner system that straightens teeth over time. Invisalign patients switch their aligners every few weeks, which gradually shifts tooth alignment. Patients of all ages love Invisalign because it a flexible and less-noticeable option.

Invisalign Teen Vs. Regular Aligners

So what’s the difference between Invisalign teen vs. regular clear aligners? Firstly, Invisalign teen is designed with an adolescent’s mouth in mind. The trays easily accommodate teeth that are still growing. They also feature a small dot that changes color depending on how long the tray is used. This reminds teens to wear their aligners for the right amount of time each day. Another great feature? Invisalign teen knows that accidents happen, especially with kids. The company offers extra replacement trays for teens, which makes lost aligners can be replaced without stress.

What About Braces?

Of course, braces are still the most popular orthodontic tool for teens. Braces are easy for patients to use as they are non-removable. They are also very common, which can help nervous teens feel comfortable about getting them. Both braces and aligners work well for teens. If you aren’t sure which treatment to get, then ask your dentist or orthodontist for their advice.

Ready to Learn More?

Aligners are a great option. However, all patients have different dental needs. Dr. Alabi can help you choose the right treatment for your smile. Call our office to schedule your consultation today!